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Careers and robots: will technology usher in an age of leisure?

In 1967, Walter Cronkite speculated “Technology is opening a new world of leisure time. One government report projects that by the year 2000, the United States will have a 30-hour work week and month-long vacations as the rule.” This American life-of-leisure has not arrived yet and its 2016. Perhaps we just have to wait a little longer. If what Martin Ford suggests in “Rise of the Robots” comes true, we will not have to work. Is the world ready?

For perspective, let me reflect on an inspiring talk that IBM Fellow John Cohn delivered at Interconnect 2016. Cohn provided this advice for a time where careers are disrupted more and more by advances in technology, “find your way with play”. The short-term takeaway is that we can all benefit from play, even when we think we should be heads-down working. The longer term question is, would our lives be better if we could play more often or even all the time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.02.06 PMSerious Play: An Engineer’s Perspective on Fun and Passion at Work