Docker for the Enterprise: Are we there yet?

Soon after its initial 2013 release, Docker became a frequent topic in my client discussions. By 2016, even the biggest enterprises are exploring Docker. No longer is it just younger companies like Yelp. Mature enterprises like Verizon have publicized their work with Docker. What do enterprise executives see in Docker? Some believe Docker could usher in an era of harmony between application developers and IT operations. Others believe Docker will help lower costs, solve vendor lock-in and enable their hybrid cloud strategy. Can Docker really help and enterprise achieve all this, today? 

Adoption Begins with Three Key Developer Benefits
Docker’s momentum did not start with executive initiatives but rather with grass-roots developer adoption. Why? (more…)

Does Docker’s hype signal the next phase of cloud computing?

While enterprises might say they have cloud computing, most are just exploring it. At least that is what one prospective client told me today at his office, perched some 50 floors above Manhattan’s busy streets overlooking the Hudson River and newly constructed Freedom Tower. Many enterprises have cloud pilots or first phase implementations but few have truly adopted cloud computing. I have, however, observed significant changes this year. One of those is a lot of discussion on Docker. I believe that the hype that we see with Docker, which only recently released its version 1.0, signals a transition from cloud exploration to adoption.

The conversation is changing from cost efficiency to time-to-market (more…)